CRX Connector for LiveCycle ES2

DSC Version : 1.0
Download URL : Click here to download
Apache Jakrabbit API : Click here to download the API

Recently created a new DSC to connect to CRX 2.2 Server from LC ES2 & ES2.5. The Service has three operations namely:

  1. createNode – creates a new node in CRX repository
  2. storeContent – upload documents to the CRX repository
  3. removeNode – deletes Node and its SubNodes from the repository

CreateNode operation requires two mandatory inputs ‘Absolute parent path’ & ‘Node name’ and returns the Absolute path of the newly created node as output. There is no overwrite option available for now (will update this feature later).

StoreContent will require the Node path (Absolute path) under which the file must be uploaded. To confirm with the CRX hierarchy, this opeartion will create a new node under the parent node and set the primaryType property to nt:file. It will also create another node called jcr:content and set the jcr:data property with the given binary value (com.adobe.idp.Document).  The file can be overwritten if the node is already exisits.

RemoveNode will simply delete the node from the CRX repository. If the given absolute Node Path is  invalid, the operation will return false, otherwise it will delete the node and return true.

Deployment Instructions

  1. The DSC JAR is embedded as file attachment in the uploaded PDF.
  2. Open the PDF and download the attached JAR from it.
  3. Login into LiveCycle Workbench ES2 / ES2.5 and goto Window menu -> Show View -> Components
  4. Right click on the Components root node and select Install component
  5. Browse the JAR file saved on your computer
  6. Right click on the Installed component and chooese Start Component. This will auto-deploy the service.
  7. Download the Apache Jakrabbit API (jackrabbit-standalone-2.4.1.jar file) from the URL given at the top and deploy it in Application Server.
  8. Restart the Application server to make sure the API is loaded
  9. The CRX connector is now ready to use

Feel free to explore the source code packed as part of the JAR and  provide your valuable feedback.

Enhancement Plans:
1. Checkin / Checkout operations
2. Property update operation
3. Operation to check if a Node is existing in the repository or not
4. Operation to search for documents using SQL2 queries

Nithiyanandam Dharmadass

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